Taylor's Falls

documents the construction of a 19 rank 2 manual pipe organ.

Location: Wadena, Minnesota, United States

Saturday, September 16, 2006

This is the overhead view or plan of the new organ showing the location of the various windchests and pipes. The facade is at the bottom of this drawing. Overall size of the organ is about 12' wide by 10' deep by 14' tall.

This is the rendering of the facade of the organ as it will appear when complete. The gray area above and behind the pipes is actually white grill cloth.

This is a detail of the joint that I use in the corners of the windchests. This joint provides maximum gluing surface and strength. All other joints within the chests are dado type. No butt joints are used.

This is the frame for the main swell windchest which will hold the pipes for the Flute, Viola, Celeste, Principal, Koppelflute, Nazard, and Tierce. Construction is of solid Western Red Cedar for strength and low weight.

This is the main Great windchest which will hold the pipes of the Metal Gedeckt, Gemshorn, Octave, Super Octave, Principal, 12th, and Mixture.